'The new standard for ‘green hospitality’

The travel industry is leaving a trail of pollution around the world. Time for a change. With Breeze we create a hotel concept in which nature not only serves as inspiration, but is even guiding, without sacrificing luxury and guest experience. In other words, ‘Eco-luxury’: Eco and sustainability in a surprisingly new, yet luxurious way.

Our impact on the earth and nature is enormous. Breeze's philosophy therefore goes beyond creating an energy neutral and circular environment, in which each of the four natural elements play its part. Through technical innovation and our progressive vision on sustainability, we create a new reality that has the potential to lead the market. With Breeze we are setting the new standard for ‘green hospitality’. Comfortable luxury, taking responsibility and circular entrepreneurship go together at Breeze.

A sustainable DNA

'Inspired by nature’

Enjoy life and contribute to a better world without making concessions. We strive for a 100% circular environment, look for the most environmentally conscious solutions and stand for eco-luxury in everything we do. Breeze puts ‘green hospitality’ in a whole new light and gives a genuine meaning to concepts such as ecological, sustainable and circular entrepreneurship. Accompanied by a warm, open and surprising hospitality experience, this forms the perfect symbiosis between nature, technology and people.

At Breeze we like to put our money where our mouth is and therefore we work with a "No Waste" policy. For example, only seasonal products and by-catch are used. In the restaurant we work on a vegetarian basis, which means fish and meat are optional and additional. But when desired, it goes without saying that the entire animal will be processed in our kitchen. At last, products also have a minimal footprint. Everything has a local origin or will come from our own harvest where possible.

Breeze is a true advocate of pure, traditional preparation methods, such as fermentation, preserving, pickling and smoking. Thanks to these special cooking techniques, the obsolescent parts of the animal can be used and guests thus, get a surprising additional taste experience. Preferably, we also work with the visually less attractive, but tasty vegetables and unwanted animals, such as the so called ‘Schiphol goose’. Finally, we reduce transport movements and limit the use of packaging materials to a minimum.

U & M.e.

'Together we are Breeze’

You cannot save the world alone, which is why we are actively looking for like-minded people. Anyone who can identify with our ideas and wants to make a real impact. Together we want to convince the world to follow our example and we symbolize this journey with the Breeze butterfly. This butterfly represents the well-known ‘butterfly effect’. How a small change can have a big effect and a small action can have a big impact or even change the world.

At Breeze we use this butterfly as a sub logo to connect our F&B services. ‘Restaurant M.E.’ has a butterfly as its logo, in which the face of Mother Earth is nested. The letters ‘M.E.’ therefore, stand for ‘Mother Earth’. In addition, ‘Skybar U’ has a moth as its logo, with the letter ‘U’ standing for ‘Universe’.

The earth and the universe are inextricably linked. The earth is part of the universe and a small change in the universe has a major impact on our Earth. The second symbolic value that ‘Restaurant M.E.’ and ‘Skybar U’ represent, is in the sense of unity. Together they stand respectively for ‘You and Me’ (U & M.E.).

“You and me, together we are Breeze!” This indicates the fact that we can only make the desired impact together with like-minded people. We therefore partly rely on the Breeze community, which is growing every day. We actively bind locals to join us and educate guests to become the most conscious of its kind. Not pedantic but in a playful yet convincing way. Together with our carefully selected suppliers, the focus will always be on the further development of our ideas and continuous innovation. Always looking for new possibilities, with the burning ambition to not only be energy neutral but also to build a better world for future generations.

Look & feel

'Together we are Breeze’

The four natural elements earth, water, air and fire are a source of inspiration in the implementation of the concept and all play a part within the different business attributes. For example, ‘Restaurant M.E.’ is rough, natural, honest and chic at the same time. In the interior, wood mixes with steel, leather, glass and copper. The open structure with an inviting kitchen makes you curious and feels familiar. Many green and recycled materials are attractively used in the decoration.

‘Skybar U’ has a stylish eclectic & urban interior and a cosmopolitan feel. The vibe is quirky and a bit cheeky. ‘Mixologists’ & ‘Bar Alchemists’ create the most fantastic drinks, long drinks and cocktails here.

Finally, the rooms offer comfort and are contemporary chic. The design is made of sustainable materials such as contemporary steel and warm wood, combined with eclectic kitsch. In short, pure and genuine eco-luxury that feels warm, chic and a little rough. The interior is stylish and warm with a wink to Dutch common sense combined with warm conviviality and provides a modern eclectic environment based on nature.